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History and Development

The International Development and Environmental Shipping School (IDESS) was established in Sweden and Norway in 1989. The idea, born out of concern over the consequences of tanker casualties, was to give seafarers access to specialised training that would help to reduce the number of incidents (and minimise their effects) that cause loss of life or damage to the environment.

Tanker courses for ship's personnel are not new, but they are usually run as a small part of the operation of a large maritime institute. From the start IDESS concentrated solely on tanker operations and safety, rapidly achieving a high level of expertise. This continues to be the focus of our training operation.

The courses satisfy the requirements of the 1995 amendments to the International Maritime Organisation's STCW Convention of 1978. However, the statutory requirements are a minimum standard and do not necessarily meet the requirements of the shipowner.

Courses are designed to provide additional knowledge that can be of practical use on board and, when properly applied, make a positive contribution to greater operational efficiency, safety and pollution prevention. IDESS Training Centre in Norway

In 1991 IDESS established a training centre in Manila to offer their tanker courses in the Philippines. This was done in response to encouragement from some Scandinavian shipowners who employed Filipino seafarers. Our training activities have developed considerably since that time.

In 1992 IDESS was asked to look at developing training programs that would help improve the effectiveness of a bridge watchkeeping officer's ability to navigate safely, with particular regard to collision avoidance. Courses in Collision Avoidance and Bridge Team Management commenced in May 1993. This type of training required sophisticated training aids, as well as first class instructors. At around this time Transas Marine (UK) had developed a ship simulator program which was found to be an excellent teaching aid for these courses. IDESS was the first training facility to offer this type of training in the Philippines.

Encouraged by the support of many major shipowners and managers, IDESS sought to improve its training facilities in the Philippines and in October 1995 opened its new, purpose built training centre in Subic Bay. This has proved to be an ideal location providing an excellent environment in which students can acquire skills and knowledge. The new centre represents a considerable investment in modern equipment, teaching aids, and competent instructors, focusing on three main areas of training:

  • Tanker Operations
  • Safety Training
  • Simulation, Navigation & GMDSS
IDESS believe that the most important element in providing high quality training is the instructor and considerable effort has gone into achieving a balance between the "academics" and the experienced "practical" seafarer.

IDESS is an independent organisation, and its services are available to all members of the international shipping community. The training facilities currently established in Scandinavia and the Philippines are making a positive contribution to seafarer training which is so important to the shipping industry.


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